Features of Vitcas vermiculite boards

Vitcas is known globally as being one of the world’s leading companies offering heat resistant, refractory and fireproof materials for both home and industry use. The company’s range of products includes, among others, vermiculite fireproof boards which has multiple applications.
The world that we live in takes a whole number of things for granted.

For example, people these days…

For example, people these days don’t really think about managing heat and fire as long as they don’t come into direct contact with them. As it turns out, managing fire and heat-related problems is fairly difficult and it involves using proper technologies such as offered by Vitcas. The company specialises in manufacturing best quality refractory, heat resistant and fireproof materials. However, we are particularly fond of vermiculite fireproof boards which has multiple applications in fireplaces and stoves, boilers or night storage heaters.

vermiculite board

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The vermiculite material is obtained naturally as…

The vermiculite material is obtained naturally as a result of expansion process often called exfoliation. The resulting aluminium-magnesium silicate can be used in bulk form or it can be processed to boards by using the pressing technologies. The key features of Vitcas vermiculite boards include low thermal conductivity and the material is also known for being stronger than ceramic fibre boards.

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