Naturally occurring heat insulation materials

It may come as a surprise to many people but it seems that there are naturally occurring heat insulation materials which do an excellent job of keeping us safe from fire and high temperatures. In particular, vermiculite boards offered by Vitcas are a great example.
Generally, a majority of people believe that dealing with extremes has to involve very clever technologies.

vermiculite board


It would appear that dealing with fire…

It would appear that dealing with fire or excessive heat surely requires the use of groundbreaking materials that aren’t really available in nature. However, it turns out that the above-statement isn’t true at all. For instance, the Vitcas company offers vermiculite fireproof boards which do their job wonderfully and they occur naturally as an aluminium-magnesium silicate. The production process involves applying a lot of heat to the silicate which is known as exfoliation.

Having been exposed to heat for some…

Having been exposed to heat for some time, the silicate expands significantly and the result of this expansion can be use for heat insulation purposes. Of course, the material can be used in its bulk form or it can be furthermore processed into boards and sheets. More importantly, vermiculite boards feature a remarkably low heat conductivity which makes them perfect for boiler use, for example.

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