Some info on fireplace bricks

Having a fireplace in our living room during long, cold winter is a dream of many people, so it is nothing particularly surprising that there is a high demand for reliable heat-resistant materials. Of course the exact amount and type of materials needed by us depends heavily on the type of fireplace we plan to build in our house, but even in case of using a fireplace insert you will need some fireplace bricks to finish the construction.
As you are probably aware fireplace bricks( also known as fire bricks )were used even in ancient times, but their mass production started about one hundred years ago.


The main difference between fireplace bricks and traditional ones is that the former type is far more resistant to heat than the latter. In addition to that fire bricks are also known for their resistance to rapid temperature changes – they won’ t spall in such circumstances, while traditional bricks would.

That’ s what makes fireplace bricks…

That’ s what makes fireplace bricks so fantastic material for all constructions, where such characteristics are required – fireplaces, stoves( especially those built outdoors )etc. Of course there are many different manufacturers, who sell fire bricks, but it is highly recommended to choose only renown and famous manufacturers as they will provide you with the best quality materials for a reasonable price.

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