Use appropriate plaster on your walls!

It is absolutely normal that we look for every single opportunity to save money when trying to finish all the works in our newly bought( or rearranged )apartment. One of the areas, where it is not wise to save money, though, is plastering – as you are surely aware, this kind of works in not cheap, so if you’ d be forced to re-plaster one or more rooms due to one wrong decision, it would only generate some completely unnecessary costs.

What decision can have such dire…

What decision can have such dire consequences then?
The answer is simple: the choice of plaster. In case of the vast majority of apartments there’ s no problem at all, as there usually you won’ t find a chimney breast or a fireplace, but in every house, where such features are present, you have to consider buying and applying a heat resistant plaster.

It is no different from a…

It is no different from a typically used gypsum plaster in terms of structure, look and the method of applying, but its properties are quite a bit different: while standard plaster will stay on the wall warmed up to 50 degrees centigrade, a heat resistant plaster( as the name implies indirectly )will sustain up to 650 degrees centigrade without falling off the wall – that’ s why it should be used on the already mentioned chimney breasts and around fire openings of fireplaces( about 3 meters in every direction from it ). This way you will save money in the long run.

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